Harriett Eldridge | Registered Nutritional Therapist

Nutrition doesn't have to be complicated, I believe in keeping things simple. I can help you understand how your existing diet maybe impacting your health and wellbeing. I will teach you how to nourish your mind and body by understanding the nutrients you need specific to your lifestyle.

I started Rooted Living because of my passion for helping others gain clarity in a world that has become overcomplicated with diet fads and trends. I work with each client to tailor a bespoke plan to reach their goals that works for their unique tastes and lifestyle. You can expect the following from your consultation;

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What People Are Saying

"Harriett has been an inspiration to me and helped me enormously with my quest for better health as I approach my 60's! She is a very kind, understanding person who guides you with sound Nutritional advice, lots of recipe ideas which are easy to implement and tailors supplements to suit your requirements. I now feel better and have more energy and intend to carry on with the plan Harriet gave me going forward. I would recommend Harriet to.anyone who needs help with their diet and lifestyle. "
Karen, Gloucestershire

"Fantastic, thorough and easy to understand sessions from Harriett. I felt listened to and safe. The information helped me positively change certain aspects of my diet to better suit the needs of my highly physical job." Carly, Bristol

"Harriett offers easy, simple solutions that lead to life changing results." Karen, Warwick

"After just 30 days from our initial consultation, I have never felt better. I suffered with terrible acid reflux, bloating, gas, irregular stools and Joint/back pain. I was overweight and struggled to loose weight. Just a few weeks in and all of my symptoms have improved and I have lost 4 inches from my waist. I have booked another three months with Harriett." Karen, Bristol

Eat More Plants eBook

Many people are making the transition to eating a more plant focused diet. But eating plants DOES NOT have to be boring. This book includes over 15 delicious recipes that are bursting with flavour to inspire and encourage you to eat a wide variety of plants, and ensure that you are getting the essential nutrients that you need.