My favourite part of working with Harriett is her holistic approach and careful assessment, which has highlighted dietary & lifestyle issues for me to work on and their importance in my overall health picture. The advice has been easy for me to incorporate into my life which I was worried about. I was also concerned if this would ‘work’ for me, because I had tried everything over 20 years with little success. My diet has changed, and I feel confident that I can maintain the changes long-term. My mood and energy are more consistent & steady which is something I have struggled with for many years. My Bowel function has improved significantly after suffering 20 years with chronic constipation. I would recommend working with Harriet to anyone. It is a sound investment for someone’s health. Harriett is warm & friendly, with a vast amount of nutritional knowledge, easily explained, with options to account for individual lifestyle, working with a structured approach, setting realistic goals. 'Becky, Bristol'

After just a few weeks working with Harriett, She has already changed my life. My energy is up, my digestion is better, my perspective on food has shifted and I have even lost a few pounds. I can't recommend her enough. Joy, San Diego

I’m so glad to have found Harriett! I approached her initially to see if she could help with my gut health, which I have suffered with long-term. She suggested that she did an analysis on my current diet, and asked me to put together a diary of everything I consumed over a week, and make a note of my mood and energy levels. Harriett then came back to me with an in-depth analysis of my diary, listing areas of improvement (and explaining why), with great suggestions on how to improve my nutrition by making some simple changes. She also suggested some product and lifestyle recommendations, which have been really useful. She has inspired me to get more creative in the kitchen and helped me really think about what I am nourishing my body with. I now really look forward to the time I spend in the kitchen preparing and cooking for the week, it’s therapeutic! Harriett is very easy to talk to, has a very positive outlook and is a joy to work with. Thank you! Charlotte, Bristol



"Harriett has really helped me to balance my energy levels throughout the day. I can now go any day with or without a coffee and be the same person from morning to evening.” Hannah, Bristol

"Having suffered with terrible heartburn, anxiousness and bloating, I reached out to Harriett (recommended by my daughter). Harriett took a case history file and suspected that I may be lacking in Zinc and advised that I increased foods rich in this mineral, along with taking a supplement to reach a therapeutic dose. A few weeks on I have never felt better, I make sure to eat a diet high in zinc such as bananas and cashews. Harriett suggested taking slippery elm for my heartburn which has been a fantastic quick remedy that calms the burning sensation. I am now heartburn free, no bloating and feel so much more positive about life." Harriett really changed my life. "

"After just 30 days from our initial consultation, I have never felt better. I suffered with terrible acid reflux, bloating, gas, irregular stool and Joint/back pain. I was overweight and struggled to lose weight. Just a few weeks in and all of my symptoms have improved and I have lost 4 inches from my waist. I went back and saw my physio who said that I have reversed my arthritis which is a miracle. Harriett recommended doing some testing to get to the root cause of my symptoms and explained that we are aiming for long term lasting changes not a quick fix. I have booked another three months with Harriett and I am so excited to see the improvements." Amanda, Bristol

"Having suffered from severe bloating and gut issues as a result of years of disordered eating, I reached out to Harriett.Harriett was professional, knowledgeable, and took a detailed case history to ensure she was aware of all the dynamic inter-dependable aspects of my life, which impacted on my nutrition and overall health. I felt safe and comfortable with Harriett's guidance, and I was aware that my needs were at the centre of her approach. From start to end she remained person centred, and I never once felt like I was 'just another client' Having followed Harriett's advice and recommendations, my bloating has significantly reduced, and I have been provided with tools and resources to support me in the future."

Anna, Bristol

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