FREE 7 day meal guide

I strongly believe that NO ONE DIET FITS EVERYONE, so I want to reiterate that this menu plan is a guide, not something to strictly follow. If something doesn't work for you, swap it out. If you are vegan, veggie, more hungry or less hungry, adapt the menu. This is purely to give you inspiration and maybe help you to plan for the week ahead. I often recommend clients to weekly meal plan, as it helps to eliminate the daily stress of knowing what to cook.  

You will see in the plan that I have included two snacks per day. The snacks can be moved around, for example if you don't like eating in the evening, swap the supper to a mid morning snack. Equally if you are more hungry add another snack in, or take one out. We are all individual and our hunger will depend on energy levels and activity which will be different for everyone.

Let me know if you try any of the recipes, and how you have found the plan, and please feel free to email me if you have any questions. All the recipes are included at the bottom

Love H x
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1)   Red Lentil Curry -

2)   Kebabs with Salsa verde -

3)   Bean Chilli -

4)   Bircher Muesli -

5)   Fish cakes -

6)   Vegetable Risotto -

7)   Chicken Fajitas -

8)   Kale and quinoa salad with orange dressing -

9)   Red pepper hummus -

10) Chicken cashew stir-fry with sesame noodles -

11) Berry Smoothie -

12) Roast lamb -

13) Energy Balls -

14) Kale crisps -